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types of online advertising

Types of online advertising are all around. The online advertising market is booming. It is estimated that in short time the advertising investment on the Internet will exceed the amount invested in television. Nowadays, the vast majority of the companies are using the digital marketing in order to reach more customers and, more importantly, to create customers loyalty. Is in this point where lies the real power of online social networking as well as the online advertising market. Acording to Pagerank, there ara other types of metrics. 

The most used format is the display, followed by the ads that we get from the content pages research, mobile and social networks. However, using the mobile phone to access the Internet is currently more popular than using the PC, and this is why there is a growing number of agencies and companies that invest in mobile advertising.

Google Adsense profesionals explain how mobile advertising works and how you can impove it

In addition to the display, we can find other online advertising formats that we could use if our goal is to make money on the Internet. Text ads, link blocks, static banner, animated banner, slide-show as well as the videos (which have become very popular).

With regard to the size of the advertisements, most of the webmasters agree that in order to make money with the online advertising the best banner is the one whose size is 336x280, which is even more useful than the big one that is placed above the header of the site. However, the best to do is to check which one brings us more benefits. Another option is to place the banners in the middle of the text, as this could increase the possibilities to get clicks in our ads. 

Types of online advertising in social networks

Another type of online advertising that is currently booming is the ads in social networks. As we said previously, the social networks have a strong customer impact and a high customer loyalty. Nowadays they are the best way to present a product or a service. In a short time we would know if what we are offering is well accepted by the customers as well as which are the aspects that we should improve.

There is a growing number of advertising agencies that use payment platforms such as Facebook ads or Twitter ads. We cannot avoid drawing attention to the well-known Google Adwords. Anyway, Instagram is today the social network that is growing the most and probably we already know the reason: a picture is worth a thousand words.

In conclusion, the online advertising or the advertising for the Internet-based companies is continuously expanding. Due to this circumstance, new professional profiles are being demanded such as Community Manager or digital marketing professional. We could not forget the SEO, who try to place the websites in the top results of Google search or other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing.

Types of online advertising platforms

Internet advertising has a much greater segmentation power than traditional advertising. This is why it is increasingly being used by companies to promote their products or services. But there are different types of online advertising platforms. Google is also the advertising's king. In fact, Google, through its Adsense platform, is the largest generator of money on the Internet. The system used by Google Adsense is PPC (pay per click).

This platform is used by the webmaster. That is, the web manager places Adsense advertising banners on their respective websites to earn money when a user clicks on the ads. Also, another system used is the PPM (payment per thousand impressions). In this case, the webmaster makes money when the ad is shown a thousand times.

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